You can’t judge a book by its cover… But you can judge a company by its corporate identity

A very importante step for a company is to take care of the corporate identity, that is the way you present your brand with, your own brand identity, to the public: it’s the first thing the client confront themselves to and it must be different from the competitors’.

The set of logo, business card, headed paper, typographic characters, colour palette, website graphic, profile pics on social media, brand on products, must communicate a semiotic coherence that makes these elements perceived as coming from a single entity and must have an uniformed appearance  able to make the company easily and readily recognizable, because the message you want to convey to the clients has to be “dressed up” of eye-catching details. This image expression likewise has to be in line with the mission, the values and the goals of the company, harmonizing with the brand identity that falls outside of a simple appearance-graphic characterization. The corporate identity has to reflect the company’s core identity, everything that makes it unique in the commercial panorama.

A solid and wisely built over time corporate identity contributes to a gradual increasing brand awareness through the social interaction towards fidelized and new clients, which in turn translates to a greater success of proposed products and services, through the increasing of brand loyalty.

With the sudden necessity for the company to have an online presence, the log has lost some of its centrality to make space for a more rapid and frenetic image innovation; this aspetc is reflected in the choice of some firms to make the website the focus point of their corporate identity, because of the ever increasing importance that this communication method has reached lately.

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