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Next Pkg Your product can tell an unforgettable story.

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Next Prox Until yesterday you displayed. Today we interact.

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We are an Evolving Species

At the beginning it was AreaImmagine,

it has fighted for survival,

it has distinguished itself for character fluidity,

it has adapted to the environment by diversifying itself

it has evolved into AreaImg

Our approach

NextIndustry is an interdisciplinary and interactive communication agency.

Communicating is not enough.

Thanks to our particular expertise, knowledge and technologies, companies not only communicate, but also interact with clients and markets.

We are certain to be able to change the lives of the companies who commit to us… Is this perhaps madness?

NextIndustry WHAT

We offer solutions that define your identity and directly influence your clients by calling them to action.


Do you want a custom solutions? Does your brand image help you doing what you’re doing? Do your site, your catalogue, your communication tools connect you with people who are really interested in your product? Are you focused on valuable ideas?

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Was your company’s image conceived to please you or to give solid answers to your client? Do the site, videos, photos and catalogues show the best of your company? Do the text awe when they tell your company and your product’s story?

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Is your site focused on user research needs? Is it simple, clear, up to date and surprising? Do you want guarantees in terms of traffic and requests? How many visits does your site generate and how many of these convert in product offer requests?

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User Experience Design. Are design, graphics and visual of the communication tools who represent you designed with the final users in mind? Do they supply answers and solution to your client’s problems? Are they interactive? We design communication tools tailored towards who is going to use them. Your client doesn’t acquire features and advantages, but instead ways to resolve problems.

Solutions for ux design


Do you want to save up on technical interventions? Do you want to drastically reduce times and costs of technical and commercial formation? Our interactive videos answer these questions and create a costant link between your client and yourself. We show with videos, from videos we learn.

Videos and Movies solutions


From creativity emerges innovation. Are you looking for innovative? Do you want to sell your products efficiently? Do you want your products to describe themselves and to interact autonomously with your client? Everyday we create ideas and we can transform them in spectacular realities.

Creative solutions


A image is immediate communication, and us at NextIndustry know this well. We are specialized in industrial photography, both for big machines, bot for small design products. Not only though: we are up to date with the latest technologies and we create 360° photographies and 3D renderings.

Image communication


In addition to appearance attention, it’s necessary a wise content treatment. Do you want that texts that describe your company and your product to be written correctly, appropriate for the reader and for the media they’re on? Do you want texts that generate results? We write pertinent, correct, efficient content, which describe our clients at their best.

Copy writing solutions


Is your packaging a tool to do better what you are already doing? Does it express all of your product values and entice your clients? Are you interacting with people interested in your product? We are experts in packaging and brand design. Your product can tell an unforgettable story.

Packaging Solutions


Until yesterday we showed. Today we interact. Proximity Marketing is the new frontier. Would you like that your displayed product talked and described itself, to passing visitors? Are you at an exhibition and afraid to lose important contact info? Would it be science fiction to let your product into visitors’ smartphones? This is already reality for us..

Proximity marketing solutions


Is your website responsive? Does it have user-friendly graphic and communicate the company’s values? Are the products adequately on show? Are conversions being generate? Is it in line with the corporate identity? Is it optimized for placement on searching engines? A well functioning website creates interest.

Web solutions


How many of your site’s visitors become clients? What are the most read pages? Why do visitors prefer a section over another one? How much time does the average visitor spend on your site? Harvesting data, reading and interpretation are the only way to transform a casual visit in commercial contact.

Web analysis solutions


Are you building your community using the web? Are your users interacting, sharing, commenting? Did you create involvement and curiosity? Were you able to stimulate the will to follow you? The awareness of the motivations and desires of your clients guides us on choosing the most appropriate social network for your company.

Solutions for social


Would you like to make your brand known? It’s important to focus on an advertising strategy, both traditionally on magazines, newspapers and local publications, both with an Adwords campaign focussed to increment your website’s traffic, also through advertising campaigns on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Brand solutions


Continued technology research applied to the design because for us “Beautiful is not enough”. The design must be functional, smart, performing. Are you looking for simplicity, reliability, adaptability? Do you want your catalogues, site, videos accessible and interactive? We don’t separate good design from the latest technologies.

NextTech Solution


Learn about our latest news, read our articles about SEO, develop a passion about our discoveries in the art world, welcome our advice for packaging. All of this and more in our blog.

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NextIndustry is not a communication agency.
Do you want to interact with your clients, not simply show yourself?

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