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Why choose an angle when you can show them all?

Why choose an angle when you can show them all?

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What is one of the most significant problems when online shopping? Not being able to see the product from every possible angle and observe it in its own tridimensional nature.

Having at our disposal only 2D images limits severely our all-around vision of the object, even though a lot of images from different angles may be available, because you just don’t have a realistic perception of the product in question and our experience is thus reduced.

The client can’t have a tactile perception of the object, making necessary to provide the most information possible. Not only the product will be equipped with an esaustive and comprehensive description with every detail and characteristic, but also with a series of images, which though will have the limits that we wrote about before. But do not despair: you can avoid all of this using an all-round or 360° image.

What is 360° photography?

This particular type of image permit to observe the product in all of its angles, to notice the way the light bounces off it and to analyze the object’s details and specifics in every single characteristic, and the very real possibility to fully realize its true dimensions.

As can be seen from the image on the right, it’s simple to interact with a 360° photo: it’s sufficient to drag it with the mouse to make it rotate.


It’s clear that the possibility to see a 360° product and interact with it, looking at it from different angles, represents an enormous advantage for all e-commerces, more so for products of high aesthetic value like shoes, clothes, jewellery and glasses.

Concerning jewellery, the ability to observe the products from different angles is very important to fully comprehend the effect on light on the materials that the  jewel is made out of, because they are often shiny and reflect sunshine well.